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Our Metro Parks Need Your Help!

Cassie Kelly, June 11, 2018

The Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks have announced a new levy proposal for November 2018, giving voters a chance to fund some major upgrades to Central Ohio’s green spaces.

The Metro Parks have been primarily operating on the same levy for almost ten years, but it is set to expire in 2019. We’ve set up a fundraising goal of $20,000 so that we can ensure that the levy passes and secure our park system for all Central Ohioans.

These projects would not only enhance our parks but provide valuable environmental, social, and economical benefits to our community. We know that green spaces reduce stress and elevate a person’s mood, as well as encourage exercise. On an economic scale, parks increase property values, encourage tourism, and bring new homeowners into communities.

Parks are a critical solution for maintaining a healthy environment in an urban landscape and help filter air and water from unwanted pollutants. They also increase biodiversity and protect native wildlife habitats from development.

Our 19 parks and 230 miles of trails are truly an urban oasis for Central Ohio families. Show your support for the Metro Parks by June 30 so that future generations will walk the same trails that we know and love today!

Help our Metro Parks!

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