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OEC Response to Gov. Kasich’s Funding Initiatives to Curb Toxic Algae

Adam Rissien, August 14, 2014

“Gov. Kasich is right to order immediate funding to help municipal water treatment system operators and farmers to better protect Lake Erie and Ohio’s inland lakes from toxic algae. No-interest loans for water system equipment and treatment plant upgrades, uniform testing protocols and training, and more research along with more funding for stepped-up soil and water conservation efforts by more farmers is altogether appropriate.

“But Ohio needs more than just voluntary efforts to win the ‘front-line battle’ to protect Lake Erie. Ohio needs to step up and control the farm field run-off of nutrient pollution from its largest industry, agriculture, the same way it regulates pollution from any other industry–with enforceable standards. Attacking the least controlled pollution source with the most effective preventative measures available remains the biggest and most rusty tool left in the toolbox. Now is the time and the farm field is the place to deploy that tool in this urgent ‘front-line’ battle.”

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