Press Release

OEC statement on AEP, PUCO settlement

Trish Demeter, December 14, 2015

This shortsighted settlement is a raw deal for people and their health. It guarantees higher energy bills for families and small businesses, big profits for AEP, and at least eight more years of asthma-inducing, climate-warming, dirty energy for all.

We hope the settlement’s promise to one day close coal plants and develop renewable projects comes to pass. But the truth is these commitments aren’t as solid as the self-dealing guarantee that AEP has secured for consumers to bail out its dirty, uneconomic coal fleet.

Now the PUCO has a critical choice to make: Stand with consumers. Or side with AEP and FirstEnergy and raise electricity prices on hardworking families across the state. The Ohio Environmental Council and our small business and consumer advocate allies will be pushing the PUCO to make the right choice.

Contact: Trish Demeter, OEC Managing Director of Energy & Clean Air Programs