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OEC Statement: Ohio River Named 2nd Most Endangered River in America

COLUMBUS, Ohio — American Rivers today named the Ohio River among America’s Most Endangered Rivers®, citing that a lack of federal designation and investment leaves this vital river and watershed vulnerable. 

The Ohio River provides drinking water for more than 5 million people and supports critical habitat for more than 150 species of wildlife. This iconic River runs through 14 states and serves as a recreational resource, major economic driver and source of cultural identity. Today, the Ohio Environmental Council joins partners in calling on Congress to designate the river as a federally protected water system and to commit to significant, long-term investments in the Ohio River Restoration Plan and the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission.

The full report can be found here.

The following quote can be attributed, in whole or in part, to Melanie Houston, Managing Director of Water Policy for the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC):

“The Ohio River is one of one of our state’s most important water bodies for ecological, recreational and economic reasons. Yet, as we know all too well, toxic chemical pollution and runoff pollution continue to threaten the health of the river.

“We thank the many partners at the local, regional and national level who have advocated for water quality improvements for decades, and appreciate the attention this new report shines on the need to restore and protect this mighty River. Together, we call on Congress and the Biden Administration to designate the Ohio River as a federally-protected water system, worthy of significant federal investment.”