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Climate Action Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Today, youth will speak out for climate action across the Buckeye state and beyond. And rightfully so. Their future is at stake and so is their health.

Ohio youth are already being hurt by climate change, and the harm is projected to get worse.

A recent report by the Ohio Environmental Council and Policy Matters Ohio illustrates the impacts of climate change on kid’s health: Heatwaves degrade air quality, exacerbating symptoms of asthma, one of the most common chronic childhood illnesses. Heavy rains and flooding can contaminate public water supplies with bacteria to which children are especially susceptible. Warmer average temperatures allow insect populations to multiply, and with them the incidence of insect-borne diseases like West Nile Virus. These negative health impacts can permanently affect kids’ rapidly developing bodies.

Importantly, there are common-sense policy solutions that decision-makers at all levels of government can implement right here and now to prevent the worst health impacts of climate change. But we must act quickly. Recent reports warn we need to make a substantial dent in our greenhouse gas pollution, possibly as early as within the next 12 years, if we are to avoid the most severe consequences to our planet and people.

As youth across the state and around the world demand bold climate action today, we hope you’ll join us in amplifying their message and calling on our lawmakers for a healthier tomorrow.