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2021 Ohio Public Interest Environmental Justice Writing Competition: Winning Paper

Ohio Environmental Council, February 15, 2022

The OEC Law Center is proud to present the work of our finalist for the 2021 Environmental Justice Writing Competition. Chris Tavenor, our Staff Attorney, worked closely with the student to finalize their paper. It’s an excellent, creative analysis of water issues in Toledo and Northwest Ohio.

Meet The Author

Gabriella Mickel – Author of “Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution – A Brief History and Modern Solutions to an Environmental Justice Issue in Ohio

Gabriella Mickel is a 2L at the Elisabeth Haub School of Hall at Pace. Currently, she serves as the President of the Environmental Law Society at Haub and the co-chair of the ABA SEER National Environmental Law Students Association. She hopes to return to the Midwest to practice local environmental and land use law.

Gabriella’s work explored the intersection of nonpoint source pollution, climate change, and algae blooms, focusing on impacts in Ohio, her home state. She dove deeply into the history of the problem, discussing a host of solutions and complications at the crux of local, state, and federal water policy.

Read Gabriella’s article and stay tuned for similar opportunities from the OEC’s Law Center.


Note: the perspectives of the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Ohio Environmental Council. We support the diverse perspectives of Ohioans, and we especially encourage students to explore issues of environmental justice from all angles.