Protecting Public Lands

Spruce Run Ravines

If you’ve ever spent time in the Hocking Hills, you know it’s a place worth protecting. With beautiful landscapes, caves, and stunning hemlock forests, Hocking Hills is a gem within Ohio’s public lands.

Located just west of Conkle’s Hollow, the Spruce Run watershed contains some of the most impressive rock features and oldest trees in the entire Hocking Hills region. The Ohio Division of Forestry initially planned to log the area, but is now weighing whether to preserve it.

The great outdoors are the economic engine of the Hocking Hills region and offer some of the most beautiful recreational opportunities in our state. With such an important role in the local economy and environment, we need to preserve this special forest.

The OEC has submitted official comments calling for the preservation of the Spruce Run Ravines, and mobilized thousands of Ohioans to do the same. The official comment period closed in September of 2017 and we’re awaiting a final decision. To be one of the first to know, please sign up to receive updates on important public lands protection work below.

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