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OEC Statement on U.S. Supreme Court’s West Virginia vs. EPA Decision

Columbus, OH — The Supreme Court of the United States issued a devastating ruling today in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (WV v. EPA), saying that the U.S. EPA has limited authority to regulate carbon dioxide from power plants.

The following response can be attributed in full or in part to Trish Demeter, Interim Executive Director for the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC):

“The Ohio Environmental Council condemns today’s Supreme Court decision that limits the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants at a time when we need all hands on deck to reduce harmful emissions and fight climate change. This decision endangers the health of our communities and planet in favor of polluters.

“The Supreme Court seems to have gone out of its way to issue a ruling on this case, slowing federal climate action and efforts to regulate egregious polluters. This flies in the face of the American people who are increasingly concerned about the environment and want to see our leaders take action on climate change.

“Today’s decision rejects a well-established precedent that, for more than 50 years, has enabled the EPA to require pollution reductions in the interest of cleaner air and safer water. As a result of today’s decision, communities—especially communities of color historically overburdened by pollution—will be at a much greater risk of breathing dirtier air and suffering from the increased impacts of climate change.

“Now it is up to under-resourced state and local governments across the nation to reduce emissions and protect public health. In Ohio, state lawmakers have repeatedly stifled investment in clean, renewable energy and propped up corrupt, polluting fossil fuel industries by passing harmful legislation like House Bill 6 and Senate Bill 52. Luckily, local leaders are stepping up across Ohio to act on climate by pursuing community choice aggregation, developing and updating climate action plans, and joining Power A Clean Future Ohio with a commitment to reduce carbon emissions in their community. We need action like this at all levels of government.

“At the federal level, we urge the U.S. EPA to act quickly to push forward the strongest pollution controls possible and we urge Congress to take action to tackle the climate crisis and energy security by boldly investing in climate, jobs, and justice legislation. At the state and local levels, we urge Ohio leaders to use funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to build infrastructure that will reduce carbon pollution and invest in Ohio’s clean energy future. The health of our communities and environment depend on it.”


The Ohio Environmental Council (OEC) is the state’s most comprehensive, effective and respected environmental advocate for a healthier, more sustainable Ohio. The OEC develops and ensures the implementation of forward-thinking, science-based, pragmatic solutions to secure healthy air, land, and water for all who call Ohio home.

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