Press Release

Statement from Fair Districts Ohio On a Redistricting Deal

David Miller, February 5, 2018

Following weeks of negotiations between members of the Fair Districts=Fair Elections coalition and leaders of the Ohio legislature, efforts to reach a compromise have finally resulted in success for Ohio’s future. Working with the coalition, legislative leaders have drafted a solution that will result in a fair process for drawing congressional districts.

“The real winners today are the voters of Ohio who will see their communities remain whole, and their congressional representatives remain beholden to them after they get elected,” said Heather Taylor-Miesle, Executive Director of the Ohio Environmental Council. “This is a huge deal. Institutional gerrymandering in Ohio has been replaced by a bipartisan, fair solution for all. I want to wholeheartedly thank the volunteers across the state who worked tirelessly to collect signatures, and truly gave us the leverage in the room to make this deal possible.”

“This solution creates a bipartisan process for drawing our district lines,” said Ann Henkener with the League of Women Voters. “This deal will move Ohio to fairer congressional districts, giving all voters the chance to speak loudly as one community and one voice. I look forward to supporting the May ballot measure.”

“This plan will improve the redistricting process and allow Ohioans’ voices to be heard. This is meaningful reform, and it is all thanks to the passionate, record-breaking work of redistricting reformers in our campaign,” said Catherine Turcer, with Common Cause Ohio. “While we had to compromise on some aspects of our proposal, the resolution passed by the Senate today is something we can fully support.”

The Fair Districts=Fair Elections coalition offers sincere thanks to all of the volunteers who have worked diligently over the last year to collect 200,000 verified signatures from Ohioans across the state in order to ensure this reform was possible. The coalition looks forward to supporting the ballot measure this May.