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Statement From the Ohio Environmental Council on a Proposed Rule Change at ORSANCO

David Miller, April 15, 2019

Columbus, Ohio — Today, the Ohio Environmental Council submitted comments urging the ORSANCO to protect the Ohio river by keeping the Pollution Control Standards mandatory. In June, the commissioners will vote on changes that would cause the Pollution Control Standards to be voluntary, rather than mandatory.

The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to Kristy Meyer, Vice President of Policy for the Ohio Environmental Council:

“The Ohio River supplies more than five million people with drinking water, and 10 percent of the U.S. population with jobs and recreational opportunities. At a time when the nation will  celebrate the 50th anniversary of the last fire on the Cuyahoga River, which sparked the Clean Water Act, ORSANCO will vote on weakening protections for the Ohio River by making their Pollution Control Standards voluntary for states to follow.

“Pollution from one state does not stop at the state line — it flows downstream through other states, impacting drinking water for downstream cities and increasing drinking water costs. Ohio, like other states, is already struggling to update its antiquated drinking water infrastructure. This proposal could increase drinking water treatment costs, potentially making more Ohioans decide between putting food on the table or paying for water to flow from the tap. In June, ORSANCO must vote to keep their Pollution Control Standards mandatory, as every Ohioan has a right to clean and safe drinking water.”