Press Release

Statement from The Ohio Environmental Council on the Lawsuit Filed by Attorney General DeWine against DuPont

David Miller, February 8, 2018

The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to Kristy Meyer, Vice President of Policy at the Ohio Environmental Council:

“I’d like to thank Attorney General DeWine for standing up for Ohioans by filing a lawsuit against DuPont relating to their plant on the banks of the Ohio River. For years, DuPont had knowingly released a chemical called PFOA into the air, water, and land around their plant, resulting in the potential contamination of the region’s water.

“As a mother, I cannot even imagine the thought of spending years getting water for my children, thinking it’s safe, only to find out years later that it was contaminated all along.

“Corporate polluters should be held accountable for the damages they cause to the environment and the communities living nearby. DuPont knew how harmful this chemical was and yet continued to use it and damage their local community and their own staff. This decision was unconscionable.

“Over the next few months, we will push the federal government to regulate PFOA, protecting future generations from this harmful chemical.”