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Taking the Legal Road

The OEC Law Center’s Fight for Ohio’s Environment

Most people are familiar with how our laws and regulations help set the standards to protect and improve the health of our environment. But when those standards are violated or weakened, legal action can help ensure justice and even drive the creation of stronger policies that prevent future injustice.

That’s what makes the OEC’s legal advocacy — accomplished through our very own Law Center — all the more critical in the fight to protect the health and environment of all Ohio communities.

For more than two decades, the William W. Ellis Ohio Environmental Council Law Center has leveraged the power of the law to advocate, analyze, and educate for the benefit of all Ohioans. The Law Center’s expert attorneys specialize in democracy, clean energy, public lands and clean water, though they take action and provide counsel across the full range of the OEC’s advocacy efforts. Our attorneys use a range of legal strategies to achieve their mission. They fight for strong environmental policies, defend existing protections, and hold polluters accountable in court.

Beyond these legal tactics, the Law Center supports law students, local communities and policymakers by providing specific resources and training — like our annual Ohio Public Interest Environmental Law Conference or our free legal clinics in East Palestine — to help them navigate the legal system and advocate for a safe, healthy environment.

The Law Center’s Work is Critical to Securing a Clean, Healthy Ohio.

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