Letters to the editor of your local newspaper are a great way to build public interest around an issue. Writing about pending legislation is one important way to get the attention of elected officials. Letters to the editor are fairly easy to get published if you follow the tips listed below.


Find out how to send your letter. Many newspapers prefer to have letters to the editor emailed to them. Because some papers have a separate email account for letters to the editor, call or look on the newspaper’s website to confirm where you should send the letter.

Include contact information. Newspapers follow up with people who submit letters to the editor before printing the letters (to verify the identity of the author). Be sure to include your full name, address, and daytime phone number when submitting your letter.

Keep it brief. Most papers have a policy of only printing letters that are 200-300 words long. Try to focus on one major point in your letter. If you attempt to tackle too many issues in a single letter, your main point may be diluted or confusing.

Make it timely. Newspapers are most likely to print a letter that refers or responds to an issue that has been in the news lately, especially if it has appeared in their paper. If you are not responding to such an issue, try to find a way to relate your letter to a recent news topic to make it appear timely and relevant.

Back it up. Provide brief, logical arguments as to why you are supporting a certain position on an issue. Try to include specific facts and personal anecdotes whenever possible. If you’re including specific facts, be sure to provide links to the research. If you can tell a story about how the issue you are writing about will affect you or your family, be sure to include that information. The more personal your letter, the more likely it is to impact readers.

Make it local. Local newspapers typically focus on news and letters that will affect their readership. The more you can show that your issue will have a local impact, the more likely it is that the paper will print your letter.

Follow up. Email or call the newspaper and inquire about whether they received your letter and if they are considering publishing it. If they say that they are not interested, be sure to ask why and, if possible, make any suggested changes to your letter and re-submit it.

Pass it on. Send a copy of your letter to your state representative and senator and to the OEC. It is very helpful for the OEC to keep track of which letters are being written across the state. Also give copies of your letter to friends and family and ask them to use it as a sample from which to write their own letters.


Akron Beacon Journal: Send letter to: vop@thebeaconjournal.com

Alliance Review: Use this form.

Ashland Times-Gazette: Use this form.

Ashtabula Star-Beacon: Use this form.

Athens Messenger: Send letter to: info@athensmessenger.com

Athens News: Use this form.

Bellefontaine Examiner: Send letter to: mbaier@examiner.org

Bellevue Gazette: Use this form.

Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune: Use this form.

Bryan Times Send: Use this form.

Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum: Use this form.

Canton Repository: Use this form.

Chillicothe Gazette: Use this form.

Cincinnati Enquirer: Use this form.

Cleveland Plain Dealer:  Use this form.

Columbus Dispatch:  Use  this form or send letter to: letters@dispatch.com.

Coshocton Tribune:  Use this form.

Daily Advocate:  Use this form.

Daily Chief Union:  Use this form.

Daily Court Reporter: Send letter to: dcr120@bex.net

Daily Jeffersonian:  Use this form.

Daily Standard: Send letter to: newsroom@dailystandard.com

Dayton Daily News:  Use this form.

Defiance Crescent-News:  Use this form.

Delaware Gazette:  Use this form.

Elyria Chronicle-Telegram: Send letter to: letters@chroniclet.com

Fairborn Daily Herald:  Use this form.

Findlay Courier:  Use this form.

Fremont News-Messenger:  Use this form.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune: Use this form.

Medina Gazette: Send letter to: letters@medina-gazette.com

Hamilton Journal-News: Use this form.

Hillsboro Times-Gazette: Use this form.

Ironton Tribune: Use this form.

Kenton Times: Use this form.

Lancaster Eagle-Gazette: Use this form.

Lima News: Use this form.

Lisbon Morning Journal: Use this form.

Logan Daily News: Use this form.

Lorain Morning Journal: Send letter to: letters@morningjournal.com

Marietta Times:Use this form.

Marion Star: Use this form.

Marysville Journal-Tribune: Send letter to: P.O. Box 226, 207 N. Main St., Marysville OH 43040

Morrow County Sentinel: Use this form.

Mount Vernon News: Send letter to: assignments@mountvernonnews.com

Newark Advocate: Use this form.

Mansfield News Journal: Use this form.

Martins Ferry Times Leader: Use this form.

Massillon Independent: Use this form.

Pomeroy Daily Sentinel: Use this form.

Port Clinton News-Herald: Use this form.

Portsmouth Daily Times: Use this form.

Ravenna Record-Courier: Use this form.

Salem News: Use this form.

Sandusky Register: Send letter to: regforum@sanduskyregister.com

Sidney Daily News: Use this form.

Springfield News-Sun: Use this form.

St. Marys Evening Leader: Use this form.

Steubenville Herald-Star: Use this form.

Toledo Blade: Use this form.

Troy Daily News: Send letter to: tdneditorial@civitasmedia.com

Van Wert Times Bulletin: Send letter to: egebert@timesbulletin.com

Warren Tribune Chronicle: Use this form.

Willoughby News-Herald: Send letter to: editor@news-herald.com

Wilmington News-Journal: Use this form.

Wooster Daily Record: Use this form.

Xenia Daily Gazette: Use this form.

Youngstown Vindicator: Send letter to: letters@vindy.com

Zanesville Times Recorder: Use this form.


(Special thanks to One Ohio Now for the list of media sources above.)