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Finance and Administration Manager, Clean Fuels Ohio

Cassie Kelly, May 13, 2019

Clean Fuels Ohio is looking for a Finance and Administration Manager to manage financial affairs of a non-
profit organization with an annual operating budget of $800K to $1M. Revenue is earned from a wide range of sources including grants, government and consulting contracts, membership, and sponsorships.
Additionally, the candidate will be responsible for organizational administration duties including planning,
organizing, and implementing administrative systems.

About Clean Fuels Ohio:

Clean Fuels Ohio is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making Ohio a cleaner, healthier and more
prosperous state. In addition to partnering with organizations to implement advanced fuel solutions and
vehicle technologies, we are helping to build a statewide fueling and charging infrastructure that supports
these efforts. We also collaborate with partners in the transportation industry and local, state and federal
government to promote the use of advanced fuels and clean vehicle technologies and to reduce barriers in
order to create and maintain a level playing field for our members and stakeholders.


Associates degree (minimum), Bachelor’s in accounting or finance preferred and at least two years of
professional financial-related experience. Experience with Quickbooks preferred. The employee must be
comfortable working in a team environment. Experience with non-profit accounting preferred. Experience in
Salesforce preferred, but not required.

Responsibilities Include:

Financial Roles
• Manage all areas of accounting including billing and collections, cash disbursements, payroll, cash
requirements and monthly reconciliations.
• Prepare reports from QuickBooks and selected special reports using Excel. Work with the Executive
Director, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer on budgeting, financial
management, troubleshooting, financial projections and reporting to the Chief Financial Officer.
• Manage all aspects associated with the organizational payroll process and system (i.e. health and
retirement benefits, PTO tracking, etc.)
• Manage ACH and credit card payment procedures
• Monitoring and tracking, on a regular basis, grant budgets vs. expenditures
• Lead efforts related to financial record keeping and financial processes around the submission and
administration of grants and contracts
• Monitor internal financial controls for funds expended and received under government contracts,
membership, sponsorship, and other revenue sources.
• Manage accounting of various government and private grant funds. Ensure proper allocation of payroll
and other expenses to grants. Oversee funds passed through to grant sub-recipients. Bill indirect rate on
grants to cover overhead costs. Work with staff grants administration team under Board oversight.
• Oversee preparation for annual audit and tax reporting. Work with auditor before, during and after

Administrative Roles
• Manage the integration of Salesforce as a management and tracking tool related to organizational
• Developing, reviewing, and improving administrative systems, policies, and procedures

• Manage the requirements around securing and renewing organizational permits (i.e. workers comp.,
charitable giving, etc.)
• Act as liaison between staff and technology support team
• Ensure operations adhere to policies and regulations
• Monitor inventory of office supplies and the purchasing of new material with attention to budgetary
• Manage organizational purchases as needed related to supply orders, occasional staff travel, and general
office expenditures
• Be a positive team member and contributor as part of the Clean Fuels Ohio staff.

Location: 530 W. Spring Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Hours/Compensation: 40 hours per week, pay commensurate with experience, benefits available

To Apply: Please send one-page resume and cover letter to Megan Stein,