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Organizing Director

Anna Siriano, February 6, 2018

The Peoples Climate Movement is building out our 2018 Program and we are looking for a strong, diverse, and committed senior leadership team to take our work to the next level.

The PCM 2018 Program is based on hundreds of conversations with partners across the country and combines mass mobilization work around the Global Climate Action Summit happening in September, building organizing- and movement-alignment capacity at the state and local level, and energizing and educating voters in a C3 non-partisan voter program using a climate, jobs, and justice frame.

We are currently looking to recruit a strong multi-racial and intergenerational leadership team that draws their experience from a wide array of movements, sectors, and institutions – including community and student organizing, racial and economic justice, environmental, labor, women, LGBTQ, and faith-based, to name a few – and possess a strong background in massbased mobilization, campaigns, base-building, and digital work. We are looking for candidates committed to climate action rooted in racial and economic justice who are equally comfortable leading a webinar for 5000 people online, participating in a strategy session at a faith institution or college, and/or picking up coffee and donuts for volunteers for a 9 AM training session.

We are looking to fill the following senior level positions for 2018 and beyond. PCM pays a competitive salary to attract an experienced and diverse set of applicants and ultimately to hire a diverse, multi-racial leadership team.

Organizing Director:

The PCM Organizing Director will be responsible for managing our Global Climate Action Summit program, C3 non-partisan voter work, and building out and managing our 2018 mobilization infrastructure focusing on individuals new to activism, local community groups and organizations, and local movement and grass-tops leaders. The ideal candidate will possess coalition and base-building skills, experience in training and leadership development, and, at the minimum, a basic understanding of digital organizing strategies and arts and cultural organizing.

If you are qualified, interested, or have potential to fill one of these positions, please submit a resume and a cover letter stating your interest to

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