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PARTNER POSTING | Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Campaign Manager

Ohio Environmental Council, January 20, 2021

A coalition of clean energy advocates in Ohio launched the Power a Clean Future Ohio campaign in February of 2020 to provide the foundation for cities and local governments to take ambitious action on carbon reduction. In the wake of statewide action eliminating Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards, it was time to “go local” in Ohio and capitalize on the growing frustration felt by local leaders and elected officials and their energy to take action on climate change and clean energy solutions.

To date, ten cities have become PCFO Communities, and the campaign has a goal of reaching 30 cities by the end of 2021. In the process of working with these cities, PCFO also engaged with Columbus and Grove City as they successfully passed community choice aggregation (CCA) ballot initiatives that will require 100% renewable energy.

This campaign will have two components: (1) advocating for and supporting local communities in adopting 100% clean energy aggregation contracts for residents of those municipalities and (2) persuading aggregators to transition their energy supply contract for their member communities to 100% clean energy.

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