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Watershed Technician AmeriCorps Member – Ohio River Basin Corps

The duties and responsibilities of the AmeriCorps member serving in the role of Watershed Technician will be to assist with the monitoring sampling program in the East Fork Little Miami River watershed. Monitoring and sampling locations include the Williamsburg Wetland Treatment System, the McCafferty Road Edge-of-Field site and multiple ambient sampling stations throughout the watershed. The AmeriCorps member will also assist with inspections required under the Ohio EPA Small MS4 Discharge Permit, including stormwater outfall inspections, inspections of post-construction stormwater management practices and investigations of illicit discharge complaints.


  • Maintain and calibrate monitoring equipment and special project sites, including autosamplers, water quality data sondes, flow monitoring equipment and rain gauges
  • Collection and transport of water quality samples to the analytical laboratory
  • Entry of water quality monitoring data into project databases and conducting some basic analyses of the data
  • Inspecting storm water outfalls for signs of illicit discharges; responding to reports of illicit discharges to investigate and identify their sources
  • Inspect post-construction stormwater management practices, such as detention and retention basins, to ensure that the practices are being properly operated and maintained
  • Enhance skills and knowledge applicable to position through participation in related workshops, conferences and training.
  • Occasional assist with sample analysis
  • Assist with field mapping of storm sewer infrastructure in Clermont County
  • Assist other District staff with the planning and implementation of special District events as needed, including educational field days and workshops, conservation plant sales, streamside litter cleanups and other events
  • Compile information to be used in the development of Nine-element watershed management plans
  • Develop reports for Board of Supervisors (monthly and additional as needed)
  • Additional activities that fall within the goals of the program may be assigned with approval of the member, site supervisor and ORBCorps staff.


  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Must have an interest in or plan to pursue a career in natural resources, conservation, environmental engineering, environmental science, civil engineering or a closely related field
  • Must be comfortable working outside in inclement weather conditions, over uneven terrain with possible exposure to various insects, plants and animals
  • Must be able to load items weighing up to 50 lbs
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Self-confident self-starter, goal oriented
  • Very well organized. Ability to manage multiple simultaneous tasks
  • Proficient in using word processing and spreadsheet software, and willing to learn new applications
  • Availability for occasional evening and weekend service
  • A valid driver’s license, insurance and a good driving record is required
  • Must successfully pass a comprehensive background and criminal investigation check

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