Repairing the Damage: How Investing in Environmental Reclamation Can Create Good Jobs in Ohio

Ohio Environmental Council, June 24, 2021

The combined pressures of a downturn in the coal, oil and gas industries, as well as the impact of the pandemic has meant that many Ohio communities are struggling more than ever. Our lawmakers have an unprecedented opportunity to lift up Ohio’s economy and clean up dangerous environmental sites by investing in the reclamation of abandoned coal mines and plugging oil and gas wells. Infrastructure investments in environmental reclamation have been included in policy proposals such as the American Jobs Plan and are currently under debate in Congress. What could these investments mean for Ohio?

Tune into this webinar, hosted by the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC) and ReImagine Appalachia, examining the impact of this plan and exploring how this will help Ohio’s economy and environment.

The conversation will feature insights about the need to invest in reclaiming oil and gas wells and highlighting opportunities to support communities and workers in the state. Attendees will hear from Ted Boettner from Ohio River Valley Institute, Marissa Lautzenheiser from Rural Action, Dana Kuhnline from ReImagine Appalachia, and Juliana Discher from The Ohio Environmental Council.