The OEC’s 2024 Green Gala

Join us for an inspiring evening as we celebrate our 55th year of working alongside passionate Ohioans like you! Your support enables the Ohio Environmental Council to advocate for important pro-environment and democracy policies, take legal action, hold decision makers accountable, and engage communities across the Buckeye State. Together, we have and continue to make progress toward a clean, healthy Ohio. We can’t wait to celebrate this progress with you!

Event Details

Saturday, May 18, 2024
6:30 – 9:30 PM

The Wells Barn at the Franklin Park Conservatory
1777 E. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43203

Living our values:
We are excited to partner with Franklin Park Conservatory and are striving to minimize our environmental impact with zero waste practices and plant-based bites at the Gala.

Suggested Attire:
Casual dressy attire is recommended for this indoor and outdoor event.

Award Winners: 

  • Legal and Policy Advocacy Champion: Crystal M.C. Davis
  • Decision Maker Accountability Champion: Retired Ohio Supreme Court Justice O’Connor & Former Justice Yvette McGee Brown
  • Civic Engagement Champion: Save Ohio Parks

Thank You to Our Sponsors!


G. Dennis Cooke, Ph.D., and Barbara K. Andreas, Ph.D



Rich and Kathy Shank – Beth Crane and Richard McKee


 DNO Produce. Huntington 

William Katzin, MD, PhD and Katherine Solender – Samuel Schwab – Maribeth Gatchalian & John Mooney





Vince Hand & Ann Hagerman – Bill and Lynn Ondrey Gruber – Peter and Joanne Griesinger – Alan and Susan Lapp – Cordelia Robinson – Mike Shelton – John Marshall and Angela Plummer


.   .   .  

Paul and Cathy Knoop – Clyde Gosnell and Louise Warner – Sarah Miller and Paul Sanford – Andrew Watterson – Ariel Miller – State Representative Casey and Dr. Amanda Weinstein – Sandra Chiaramonte – Carol Kauffman and JD Malone – Babette T. Gorman and Jack Buckingham – The Gittes Law Group – Howard and Kay Stierwalt – Greg Ruban – Pat Hartman and Associates LLC – Mary Duffey and Tony Logan – George Massar and Nancy Ambers Massar – Bobbi Bishop and James Raeder – Pete Precario and Cheri Brown – NOPEC


Judi Moseley and Steve Harper – Jason Cervenec and Mary Gruber – William and Aggie Martin – Alex Slaymaker – Marty Saveson – Michael Goldman