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Statement from the Ohio Environmental Council on Murray Energy’s Failure to Pay Debts While Funding Opposition to Renewable Energy Efforts

MJ Eckhouse, October 17, 2019

Columbus, Ohio—Murray Energy has extended forbearance agreements with its lenders, originally entered into earlier this month, because the coal company has been unable to pay its debts. As the coal industry collapses under pressure from cheaper, cleaner renewable energy options, Murray Energy has continued to fight to keep dirty, carbon-emitting coal plants in operation by seeking subsidies, fighting clean air regulations, and attacking projects from the renewable and natural gas industries.

The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to Miranda Leppla, Vice President of Energy Policy at the Ohio Environmental Council:

“Despite teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, Murray Energy continues to spend its money fighting against renewable energy while asking for handouts. Murray Energy has been shadow-funding attorneys and experts to fight cleaner, cheaper renewable energy sources that will help Ohioans breathe cleaner air and have a sustainable future.

“Murray Energy should be paying the debts it owes, not spending shareholder money fighting against a cleaner future for Ohioans.”