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Ohio Environmental Council responds to ongoing House Bill 6 Corruption Trial

COLUMBUS, OH — This week’s testimony by former Speaker Larry Householder in the ongoing corruption trial highlights the fact that House Bill 6 was an unnecessary, economic bailout passed on the backs of hard-working Ohioans. This legislation cost consumers more than $1.5 billion and eliminated Ohioans’ jobs all while stripping away efficiency and clean energy programs that could have improved Ohio’s environment while bolstering the state’s job market.


The following quote can be attributed, in whole or in part, to Nolan Rutschilling, Managing Director of Energy Policy for the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC):

“As indicated by multiple witnesses in the trial, House Bill 6 legislation was unpopular and unnecessary. Today, former Speaker Larry Householder answered questions on how Energy Harbor (formerly FirstEnergy Solution) and its nuclear plants are still open—despite the bailout being partially repealed. To put it simply: House Bill 6 was a gift to FirstEnergy and Energy Harbor, without merit or any benefit to Ohioans.
“Ohio deserves better than crony capitalism. It’s time to pass equitable clean energy policy that reduces pollution, prevents blackouts and creates well-paying jobs for those who need them. We need to embrace the enormous opportunity the clean energy economy presents. Ohio’s leaders need to step up and ensure Ohio’s not left behind.”