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OEC Comments on End of House Bill 6 Corruption Trial

COLUMBUS, OH — As the trial against former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and former Ohio Republican Party Chairperson Matt Borges comes to an end, we’re reminded of the toll House Bill 6 had on Ohioans. While we don’t know the outcome of the trial, FirstEnergy has admitted to conspiring to pay millions of dollars to public officials for their benefit. We also know Ohioans are still being hurt by this corrupt legislation pushed by utilities and the fossil fuel industry. As a result of this alleged corruption, every Ohioan is currently bailing out dirty, outdated coal plants, and the state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy standards have been decimated. Equally as important is the erosion of trust in Ohio’s elected officials—for too long companies like FirstEnergy and Energy Harbor have wielded undue influence in the Ohio Statehouse, raising our bills, bailing out their bad investments and continuing to pollute our air and water. 


The following quote can be attributed, in whole or in part, to Nolan Rutschilling, Managing Director of Energy Policy for the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC):

“This trial has been just one example of how utility companies have put profits over people—every single time—executing carefully crafted pay-to-play scenarios while making puppets out of policymakers. We need to rebuild Ohioans’ trust in our state’s leadership, and we need an end to fossil fuel and utility corruption.

“No more bailouts, no more backroom deals. Ohio’s leaders need to focus on reducing pollution, fighting climate change and creating jobs through the rapidly growing clean energy economy.”



The Ohio Environmental Council (OEC) is the state’s most comprehensive and effective environmental advocate for a healthier, more sustainable Ohio. The OEC develops and ensures the implementation of forward-thinking, science-based, pragmatic solutions to secure healthy air, land, and water for all who call Ohio home.