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OEC Reaction to Ohio Senate President Faber’s Appointments to Clean Energy Study Committee

Ohio Environmental Council, September 17, 2014

Statement of OEC Deputy Director Jack Shaner on Ohio Senate President Keith Faber’s appointments to the Energy Mandates Study Committee:

“The whole study committee seems like an insincere side show.

“First, the General Assembly ‘convicts’ the standards of growing too many new jobs and investment, saving consumers too much money, and cleaning the air too much. It ‘penalizes’ the standards by hobbling and outright repealing critical parts of the law. Then it directs an ‘appeal’ of its verdict to be heard by a subset of the same ‘jury’ that voted to ‘convict’ the standards.

“Now, the Senate President issues a ‘preemptory challenge’ of a ‘motion’ by the ‘defense’ to appoint a defender of the standards. Instead, the President insists on stacking the Senate’s ‘jury pool’ 5-1 with members that previously voted to ‘convict’ the standards.

“This ‘trial’ may be over before it even begins. This entire ‘appeal’ of the legislature’s previous ‘verdict’ seems anything but genuine or fair.”