Press Release

The Ohio Environmental Council Announces a Partnership with the League of Conservation Voters to Promote “Clean Energy For All” Campaign

David Miller, March 29, 2018

Columbus, OH — Building on a string of clean energy policy wins in states across the country, The Ohio Environmental Council is joining with the League of Conservation Voters and the other state affiliates in the Conservation Voter Movement to double down on the clean energy progress that can be made at the state and local levels. Together, the groups are launching a first-of-its-kind, network-wide “Clean Energy for All” campaign to advance clean energy solutions in an effort to move the country closer to a goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2050.

With an initial investment of over $2 million, the network of organizations is collectively launching the “Clean Energy for All” campaign to engage at the state and local level through digital and community organizing efforts. 

“Fighting for clean energy is not new, but at this critical time this campaign represents an ambitious new approach for our family of organizations by unleashing local campaigns across the country that collectively add up to a significant shift to a clean energy economy,” said Gene Karpinski, League of Conservation Voters President.  

State and local campaigns also present more opportunities for far less partisan polarization on clean energy issues. For example, since 2016, clean energy legislation has passed with bipartisan support in several states with Republican governors including Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada and Massachusetts.

Ohio has several critical bills related to clean energy pending in the Ohio statehouse, and cities like Athens, Cincinnati, and Cleveland have increased reliance on clean energy through bulk electricity purchases from renewable sources. Ohio is at the center of the transition to clean energy and what happens here will affect the rest of the Midwest.

“The demand for wind and solar energy is going up and the price keeps going down. This campaign is about breaking down remaining barriers to clean energy in Ohio and  encouraging growth in wind and solar energy while shrinking pollution in Ohio’s communities. “Clean Energy for All” is about putting the power to make that happen in the hands of people and making Ohio a leader in the clean energy boom,” said Trish Demeter, Vice President of Energy Policy at the Ohio Environmental Council. 

The campaign will be furthered throughout the 30 states with a conservation voter organization presence, with each state engaged in its own local, state or regional effort.

The Conservation Voter Movement is a unique network of 30 state organizations and one federal organization that closely collaborate and share expertise and resources in order to effect positive change at all levels of government.