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Ohio Environmental Council Files Amicus Brief in Support of Icebreaker Wind Project

Trecia Pannell, June 2, 2021

Columbus, OH—The Ohio Environmental Council filed an amicus brief at the Ohio Supreme Court on June 1, 2021, in support of Icebreaker Windpower, Inc. Following last year’s approval of the project by the Ohio Power Siting Board, the intervening opposed parties appealed the project to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Project Icebreaker would be the first freshwater offshore wind project in North America, bringing six wind turbines to Cleveland’s Lake Erie shoreline situated eight miles off the coast. It represents one of Ohio’s best opportunities to move toward a renewable energy future and could be a game changer in the fight against climate change. In addition to combating air pollution, Project Icebreaker is expected to generate more than 500 jobs for Cleveland and inject $253 million into the local economy. 

“Project Icebreaker is an innovative clean energy project that could change the energy game for the state of Ohio, reducing carbon emissions and bringing the economic benefits of the clean energy economy to our northern shore,” said Miranda Leppla, Lead Energy Counsel for the Ohio Environmental Council. “This project has been thoroughly vetted to ensure it has minimal impact on the environment and will continue to be monitored by state and federal agencies as it progresses through the construction and operational phases. Opposition to Project Icebreaker has been funded by fossil fuel interests, including a coal company, and as our amicus brief states, it is important Ohioans know that fossil fuel interests are standing in the way of a cleaner, renewable energy future we all deserve.”

View the complete amicus brief below. 

Ohio Environmental Council Icebreaker Amicus Brief