Ohio Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

Ohio Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

Everyone deserves an equitable energy system. They also deserve renewable energy. No one should fear losing their electricity, whether due to a disaster or because it costs too much.

When we consider the scale of the climate crisis and the need for comprehensive solutions, we must always consider energy justice at the center of all efforts to decarbonize and democratize our electric grid.

Thus, at the 2022 Ohio Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, we’re In Pursuit of Energy Justice for All. From federal to state to local policy, and executive decision-makers to community organizers, we’re including many different voices in the conversation. 

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Attending attorneys will receive CLE credit for the in-person conference (up to 4.5 hours).



William M. Ondrey Gruber  –  Dinsmore & Shohl LLP  –  Hubay Dougherty





Black Environmental Leaders (BEL) logo. Black Environmental Leaders Association are aligned as stewards of the natural and built environment through collaboration and partnership, to raise awareness and advocate for environmental and economic justice.
Mary Jo Kilroy  –  Joseph DiNovo  –  IMPACT Community Action