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Statement from the Ohio Environmental Council on the Trump Administration’s plans repeal the Clean Water Rule

David Miller, June 27, 2017

“Today, the Trump Administration announced plans to repeal the Clean Water Rule, which holds polluters accountable whenever they degrade or destroy a wetland, river, or stream. Currently, Ohio is second in the nation for wetland loss. Wetlands are vital to cleansing our drinking water, by filtering out pollutants before slowly recharging groundwater, rivers, and streams.

“The health of streams and rivers are essential to safe drinking water. In Ohio, more than 115,000 miles, or nearly 70 percent, of streams and rivers are unprotected. Approximately 90 percent of Ohioans rely on these rivers and streams for their drinking water.

“Few things are more fundamental to our health than the water we drink. The Clean Water Rule is a sensible, albeit modest step in the right direction to ensure all Ohioans have clean, safe drinking water. No Ohioan should have to worry if their tap water is polluted. The Trump Administration’s decision to repeal this important rule endangers the health and safety of millions of people across Ohio and the country. The OEC urges all Ohioans to contact their Congressional members and voice their support for the Clean Water Rule.”