Press Release

Statement from the Ohio Environmental Council on Actions by the Ohio Attorney General to Compel Payment of Rover Pipeline Penalties

David Miller, November 3, 2017

Columbus, OH — The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to Trent Dougherty, General Counsel of the Ohio Environmental Council:

“I’m thankful that Attorney General Mike DeWine has announced his office’s commitment to fight on behalf of Ohioans to ensure Rover Pipeline, LLC is held responsible for their spills and other failures during the construction of the Rover Pipeline.

“Ohio needs to send a message to those outside the state that we value our environment, and will ensure that all companies operating within Ohio are bound to follow our laws and pay the appropriate penalties if those laws are broken.

“I commend the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for their leadership on this issue, and for referring the case to the Attorney General, ensuring justice for Ohioans against out-of-state companies seeking to take advantage of our great state. The Attorney General and Ohio EPA’s actions to date have sent a strong message.”