Press Release

Statement from the Ohio Environmental Council on an Overnight Explosion of the Seneca Lateral Pipeline

David Miller, January 31, 2018

Columbus, OH — This morning, around 2:30 a.m., the 24-inch Seneca Lateral Pipeline experienced an explosion near Summerfield, OH. The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to Melanie Houston, Director of Climate Programs at the Ohio Environmental Council:

“When we hear reports of a pipeline explosion, we always fear the worst. Thankfully, in this instance, no injuries were reported, but concerns regarding pipelines traversing the state remain. 

“The Seneca Lateral Pipeline, owned by Tallgrass Energy as part of the Rockies Express Pipeline, traverses our state for 14.7 miles. As the cause of this explosion is investigated further, and more and more pipelines traverse our state, it is critical that we take stock of pipeline ruptures as a potential danger. It’s essential that the Public Utilities Commision of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other agencies remain cognizant of potential explosions, and require companies to install pipelines carefully to avoid future accidents.

“As we continue to deal with the ramifications of spills related to the construction of the Rover Pipeline, we need to ensure that pipeline projects around the state maintain the highest possible standard for safety. The health of our environment and communities along the route must remain the focus.”