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World Water Day 2024: Ohio’s Water, Our Shared Responsibility

Protect Our Water, Protect Our Future

Every year on March 22nd, we celebrate World Water Day – a day dedicated to raising awareness and inspiring action to tackle the global water crisis. This year’s theme, “Water for Peace”, reminds us that all Ohioans deserve access to safe, clean, and affordable water.

When we protect our water together, we protect our future, too. Learn more about a few of Ohio’s water challenges below, and find out how you can take action with the OEC to safeguard our water resources for generations to come.

Ohio’s Water Challenges

Here in Ohio, we’re fortunate to have an abundance of freshwater resources — but that doesn’t mean we can take them for granted. Our state faces challenges including:

About the OEC’s Clean Water Advocacy

We envision a future where all Ohioans have equitable access to safe, clean water — whether it’s for drinking or recreating on one of our many beautiful waterways. But water infrastructure improvements are chronically underfunded. Because of this, historically marginalized and low-income communities often shoulder the financial burden of providing access to clean, safe, affordable drinking water. These problems intensify when Ohio communities must deal with existing persistent issues, like toxic algae, and emerging threats — such as newly-identified PFAS contaminants — in drinking water sources.

Despite these challenges, the Ohio Environmental Council is dedicated to securing protections for waterways across the state. With support from environmental advocates like you, the OEC’s Water Team works to:

  • Advocate for stronger local, state, and federal regulations to safeguard Ohio’s water resources.
  • Inform Ohioans of equitable clean water policies and water investment programs.
  • Support policies that ensure every Ohio community has access to clean and affordable drinking water — no matter where they live or how much money they make.
  • Sign up for our latest water advocacy news and action alerts.
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